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Siri says…

Living alone isn’t as ‘alone’ as it used to be. And I’m not just talking about the dogs. No, I’m talking about Siri. She inserts herself into the action just frequently enough to make me wonder about her. She is usually very dependable with her directions, but then there are moments… Like when I knew the quilt shop I was trying to find was nearby, so I said, “Hey Siri, direct me to Nana’s Quilt Shop.” And her response was, “What is your grandmother’s name?” We went back and forth with that several times before she actually gave me the directions. Funny now, but frustrating at the time. And when I repeat some of my conversations with Siri I swear my co-workers look at me funny.

Even when you aren’t talking to Siri she’ll chime in.  Ozzie was being a pest one day so I said, “Ozzie, you are SERIOUSLY driving me nuts.” And Siri responded with, “I was just trying to help, Susan.”

After that I sometimes would ask a question just to see what she’d say.  I have asked her to sing me a lullaby and she has responded that she doesn’t sing, or that if she sings it will keep me awake.  But one day she surprised me and said, “Rock a bye baby, in the tree top. Oh, oh, this one doesn’t end well.” Seems Siri has a sense of humor.

One night I was in bed and couldn’t sleep, so I asked her to sing to me and this happened. Knowing my co-workers would be skeptical I decided I needed proof, so I got my iPad out and took a photo.


What brought this all to mind was what happened at work the other day. I was packing ooey, gooey, gourmet cinnamon buns, and needed several more containers from the other side of the table, but my gloves were gooey. My coworker Sarah was right there, and if she wasn’t also elbow deep in icing I hoped she’d hand me the containers I needed.   So I said, “Hey Sarah, are your hands clean?” Siri thought I was talking to her and responded to that, and for once I had witnesses to her comments.   But she needs her hearing checked since she thought I asked her if she was handsome.  Then Brandon asked what I had said that got Siri to respond, so I repeated my ‘Hey Sarah’ statement, and Siri responded again.  I asked them how to take a screen shot!  Technology is responsible for Siri in the first place, but now I can use it to take a screen shot and prove I’m not losing my mind.



Good night Siri.alarm