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Deadly photos…

Just so you know, no forensic dummies were harmed in the making of these photos.  But there is a new, to me at least, photo group in my area, and it’s led by a forensic photographer.  This makes for interesting conversations because as she describes setting your camera a certain way she talks about how that setting would apply to her work;  photographing blood spatter, or bullet wounds, or, gulp, the body.  So when we went to a cemetery to shoot pictures and she asked if we wanted to recreate a crime scene  I couldn’t help myself, I asked which one of us was going to be ‘the body’.  But she said, “No, I have a head.”, and we all looked around at each other.  LOL.  My new van hasn’t been completely empty since I loaded it up and headed north, but what she carries around in her car is a heck of a lot more interesting, or possibly alarming, than what I carry with me  It was a very interesting lesson, but my reaction was that it would be a tedious process to take the zillion photos and do it in such a manner that you haven’t distorted anything.  If taken properly the photographs should allow investigators to recreate a crime scene very accurately.  This gal created a specialty of forensic photography at Syracuse University because she saw a need, after realizing that in the past most of these forensic specialists were handed a camera and expected to take the pictures with no training at all.  On the job training, I guess.03-23-2019cemeteryLydia

At any rate, these photos have nothing at all to do with me.  It was just a setting with lots of light and shadows, and friends to spend time with.  A great opportunity to take the HDR photos that I love with the new camera and lens that I opted for the other day.  It was only a matter of time.  These particular friends are a bad influence on me…03-23-2019cemetaryfeature03-23-2019cemetery203-23-2019onthecross03-23-2019obelisk03-23-2019holytrunk03-23-2019Flowerygrave03-23-201903-23-2019cemeteryfeatureJust a little bird in a far off tree, checking out the new lens.  I’m a happy camper!

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