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Just in time…

I had to stop for gas, it was a must.  And because my account was once hacked at a gas station I always walk in and pay with the chip.  But the clerk was apologizing because she had been attempting to get rid of an ‘inappropriate’ song on her phone, and dropped it onto the computer, so the guy in front of me was in an endless loop of ‘insert the chip/swipe the card’.  And I was already later than I meant to be.  The sunrise waits for no one, but lucky for me it’s only 4 1/2 miles away now, so I made it.  Seems like I was just in time.03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunstboats03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunsetcanal203-25-19Hudsonbeachsunsetcanal03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunset203-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses303-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses203-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses

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