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Lake Morey…

I once got a brainstorm while visiting my in-laws in Colorado Springs.  I said to them, “I know what we can do today, we can go to the Grand Canyon!”.  This New Englander had yet to comprehend the vastness of the western states.  If it was in the next state then it’s a day trip, or so I thought.  Not so in Colorado, but at this exact moment I can buy chicken fingers in VT and bring them home to the campground in NH and they’ll still be hot when I get here.

I took advantage of the nice skies yesterday morning and took a drive around Lake Morey.  It’s my intended destination for the sunset the next time it’s not overcast, which I hope is soon.  I also thought that there might be a possibility for some night sky drama while I’m here, like the Milky Way, but again, it needs to be dark, no extra city lights, but also clear.  That would be fun to try.  I’ve signed on for a class to learn to shoot that sort of thing, I hope I get a chance at it.6_04_19lakemorey16_04_19lakemorey26_04_19lakemorey36_04_19lakemorey46_04_19lakemorey56_04_19lakemorey66_04_19lakemorey7I circled the lake counter-clockwise and I found plenty of spots to pull the car over for pictures.  Then I realized that those weren’t pull offs for photographer’s convenience, they were parking spaces for the houses that were down the steep slopes around the lake.  I came upon a driveway down to one of those houses and found it too steep to walk down easily, and with the curve I can’t imagine driving down it.  And there were stairs leading up to houses on the other side of the street also.  Possibly not so convenient for parking, but those views were spectacular.

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