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More monkey business…

I thought these monkeys were adorable when I was watching them scamper around their enclosure in person.  Their faces were so cute, but it wasn’t until I looked at my pictures that I realized that they were wearing hearts on their noses.  I honestly don’t think that I had ever noticed them before.06-03=20heartnose06-03=20heartnose206-03=20heartnose3

I had noticed these black and white monkeys before, who wouldn’t with such dramatic markings? 06-03=20blackandwhite06-03=20blackandwhite2

And then we came to this orange monkey, which again I don’t think I had noticed before.  I think the color distracted me from noticing that extremely long tail. 06-03=20orange

Maybe they cluster the most entertaining of the animals at the zoo together, or maybe it’s a coincidence, but the penguins were next as we walked.  Their area was so cool and inviting looking.  We got there as a keeper opened a door and walked out calling “Come on penguins,” and a line of penguins marched out of the building and joined some that were already out.  They were quite entertaining, the one playing with the rubber ducky really caught my eye.06-03=20penquns06-03=20rubberducky

I’m usually on my own when I’m out somewhere hoping to take some pictures.  And that has it’s advantages since I hardly ever plan these excursions in advance.  But it is also nice to be out with friends, seeing things through their eyes as well as my own.  I’m pretty sure that’s why I felt like I was seeing some of these animals for the first time.  A day out with friends is so much more of a treat these days than ever before.  I feel guilty for wanting to get back to normal, I don’t want to rush things and then regret it.  But a day out with friends is good for the soul.

2 thoughts on “More monkey business…”

  1. Friends are an important part of life. Sadly as I have gotten older I have lost most of mine. But good memories remain. I love the photos and little history that goes with them. Good day to you. Nice day here. Sunshine and warm.

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    1. I missed your comment. As you know I have loved reconnecting with old friends, but new friends are a blessing too. And Facebook allows contact even when we aren’t in a quarantine, for which I’m grateful.


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