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Life on egg shells…

Day-to-day life in my new neighborhood is actually quite convenient.  I’m saying this with one full day here under my belt.  But everything from movies, to car washes, grocery stores, and even our little mall, is right here.  Even Michael’s and JoAnn’s!  And as I’m running errands I’m aware that the little rookery is also right there.  Why wouldn’t I stop?  My cameras are usually with me, along with my tripods (3), and yesterday I bought a three-step step stool specifically for the nice wide steps and the over-all sturdy appearance of the thing.  It will live in the car also, because a short girl never knows when she’ll need a boost.  Or to see over a fence and photograph whatever is on the other side.  Besides, until and unless I tackle the shed there won’t be any other place to put it.  So it was off to the rookery, and I was a little disappointed that there didn’t seem to be much happening.  It looked like siesta time.  And then I spotted chicks in a great white egret nest.  And some in a wood stork nest too.  I know there were more chicks because I could hear them calling for food.  But the decibel level wasn’t what it will be soon, because I realized that all those birds were sitting on eggs.  Not so much nest building going on, just egg-sitting.  02-28-2019egret402-28-2019egret502-28-2019greategret+102-28-2019woodstork102-28-2019woodstork302-28-2019woodstorkbaby It wasn’t all just nativity scenes though.  These two great white egrets seemed to be under attack by this out of place looking anhinga.  It looked as if there was a question of who was going to nest where.  They hadn’t resolved the issue when I left.02-28-2019fighting02-28-2019fighting2

2 thoughts on “Life on egg shells…”

    1. If by that you mean that I can hardly ever leave the house without driving past this rookery then you would be right. That I lived here and drove past it at least a couple of times a week without ever knowing it was there is also safe to say. Maybe I’ll finally start realizing that I’m retired now that I can just wake up every morning and decide what I’m going to do that day! LOL. And waste half the day just figuring that out. You know my door is always open!


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