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Bah humbug…

I suppose that was my attitude toward Halloween this year.  Well, every year.  It envelops the entire holiday season for that matter.  I enjoyed it when my kids were little, but those days are long gone, and, as I do about many things, I beat myself up over my bad attitude.

So I went shopping on Halloween afternoon, followed by watching the sunset at Hudson Beach, followed by writing the blog post for the day at Panera.  That got me to 8:30 and I figured I could sneak home and wouldn’t be bothered after that.  But my neighbor posted the nicest little video of their front walk all decorated for the trick-or-treaters and, yes, I feel guilty.  And really it was the candy I was avoiding.  I could be sainted for my eating and exercise habits lately, but having it in the house for the kids who might not have even showed up was asking for trouble.

The shopping was successful, as evidenced by buying the smallest sized pants that I’ve bought in probably 20 years.  I’m kidding myself, 30 years.  So that ought to have cheered me up, right?  And upon arriving at Hudson Beach I saw a Great Blue Heron flying into the area so I got the above photo almost immediately.  It boded well.  I hadn’t been to Hudson Beach for a month, and wandered the length of the area, but went back to the raised enclosure for the rest of these shots.  There were other photographers there and we all were taking photos.  But I was the only one with my arms around the huge post in the corner in order to take this shot.


Plus a few more.  I’ve been using my Canon DSLR more, up until lately I used to use my iPhone for all my landscape type shots because of the wider angle it gave me.  Whatever my settings are in the Canon it really enhanced the color in these photos, but I probably shouldn’t confess that.  And manual focus these days.  I’m learning.


This fishing boat chose the perfect moment to leave, for me to take a picture I mean.  And once I saw the picture I couldn’t resist putting it through an app called Waterlogue.  Just for fun.