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The Community Bridge


I nearly abandoned my decision to re-visit the community bridge in Frederick, MD.  I wanted to see it again, but towing the trailer presented lots of problems.  When I eventually discovered two adjoining parking spaces at the end of a street, which meant I could get myself out of them as well as into them, I fed both meters and walked into the park.  And there was the bridge!  Faux painting was a brand new concept to me when I first saw this 20 something years ago.  And when I thought of it again I wondered how it had stood the test of time.  Turns out it looks great.  It’s almost impossible to realize that it was a plain concrete bridge, as utilitarian as it could be.

All the details are wonderful, but the angel leaning out of the wall is the most amazing.  Seen straight on it looks like this.  Distorted.9-27bridgeangel

But it’s meant to be viewed from a second story window of the art center next door, where you see this.9-27bridgeangel2

The plants over hanging this image are real, not faux, but everything else is a product of the artist’s imagination.  And his talent.9-27bridgestatue9-27bridgefountain9-27bridgefountaindetail9-27bridgetree9-27bridgegate9-27bridgegatebird9-27bridgeduck9-27bridgepark9-27bridgetree9-27bridgebutterfly29-27bridgefountainbutterflyThe butterflies, however, are real!

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