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Oh happy day…

I had talked myself out of going out for the sunrise this morning.  I’m not quite sure what has happened to that irresistible urge to go out and take pictures, but I seem to have to force myself out of the these days.  That’s how things stood until I remembered my resolve from last night, to go to Walmart early in hopes that their overnight restocking of the shelves would mean that I might find a package of toilet paper so I could relax.  And I did!  But I only bought one package, which means that the next dozen or so people who came in looking for it might find a package because that’s all that was on the shelves.  As I was arriving I saw a woman with a stack of cartons of eggs in her arms.  Balanced one on top of the other, the top one held in place gently by her chin, she was making a bee line for the exit.  I have to wonder what that was all about.

So the plan was to hit Walmart first, and then head to the sunrise unless I missed it.  But I didn’t.  A serene sunrise, when serenity is just what we need more of at the moment.  I got obsessed with that bird against the color in the sky.  Can you see him in this picture too?  That’s a good example of the zoom lens.03-16-20serenityscene203-16-20serenity203-16-20serenityscene103-16-20serenity3

And I came home to action at the bluebird house.  I’ve gotten discouraged that they really weren’t nesting in there this year because I hadn’t noticed them lately, but they were busy little bees today. 03-16-20serenitybirdhouse

I headed outside with tripods and lenses to see what I could see.  Stay tuned…

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