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Hitting the trail…

I picked up my Liberty Trike from Oliver’s Bike Shop today. They put my chain back on and also had to adjust something that wasn’t lined up properly, I forgot what they said it was. When I asked the very nice young man if I should have been able to fix it myself he scrunched up his face and shook his head no. Which is fine by me because they are not far from my friend’s house and quite nice, and reasonable too.

A stone’s throw from the shop is the Flatwoods Trail, so we stopped for an hour or so and took a ride. It was a perfect day, the hurricane having blown in some decidedly fall-like weather.

I wonder who Squiggy is, or was. The little arrow is pointing up the trail into the woods, I think. Maybe it’s pointing to heaven.
The hurricane also left some water over the trail, so we turned around and headed down a trail we hadn’t taken before.
We had no idea where this would lead, and we were off the Flatwoods Trail at this point. I’m surprised to see the cell tower showing in this picture since we didn’t notice it at this moment.
We turned down the path towards the cell tower to check the nest and see if anyone was home.
As we approached closer to the nest we saw some hawks circling, and they kept coming back to where we were. Is that their nest? Looks more like an Osprey or Eagle nest to me, and I haven’t seen a hawk nest before so I suspect they don’t nest in the open. Once I zoomed in for my feature photo shot we decided to stop bothering them, and headed for home, and a snack.

There is a Facebook group for my trike, and I keep seeing posts from people who have gone 400 miles in less time than I’ve had mine. I’m only approaching 60 miles since I got it. Hopefully I’ll catch up from here on in while our weather is wonderful, and we can stop hiding in the house…

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