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Along the way…

Take it from me, you probably don’t want to go on a Sunday drive with me.  Even on a Monday.  Or not if you have an agenda of your own.  Because if I have my cameras with me I’m going to find something to photograph.  It might be a charming town square with a very New England sounding name.  And a cemetery that could have kept me busy for a long while, or until I couldn’t take the cold any more.  Or the shortest, fattest cows you’ve ever seen might catch your eye when you pass by a pretty little farm.  On a nicer day my friend might have gotten out and enjoyed the scenery instead of sitting in the car enjoying the heat.  I hope there will be many more Sunday drives on pretty days, and warmer weather, and even on Mondays.1-15-19barn1-15-19steer11-15-19church11-15-19freeschool1-15-19titicut1-15-19cemetary

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