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Perfect timing…

Our Sunday drive on a Monday took us back to the Nip again.  But this time I noticed a parking lot that I didn’t remember seeing on the first trip.  I was told that if I pulled into the parking lot and parked facing the water it would be a perfect spot to see the sunset.   That was music to my ears because if you approached that spot from the highway you only had to go a quarter of a mile to stop for photos and you could be on your way.  So guess what I did as I headed back to Cape Cod later that afternoon?  I didn’t stay long though.  The Nip was nippier than it was earlier, but even so I doubt I’ll be able to resist stopping from now on, as long as the timing is right…1-15-19nipsunset1-15-19nipsunset2

2 thoughts on “Perfect timing…”

    1. I did forget to mention that the water was frozen. A gal was walking out onto it a little way and I expected her to fall through, I was debating with myself about whether I’d have to help her if it was just her own stupidity that got her into something. LOL. I was annoyed with her anyhow because she was in my shot!


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