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Out of hiding…

What I’ve been hiding from lately is the extreme cold.  A 6 degree high the other day.  And my fear of rounding a corner in my new car and finding a sheet of ice to deal with.  But I’m getting over it, and was enticed out this morning by a clear sky and 18 degree temps that felt like a heat wave when I let the dogs out.  So it was off to Scusset Beach, which I never actually found.  I’m too much of a rule follower, so when I saw signs warning that restricted permits weren’t allowed to continue, and me with no permit of any kind, I did continue, but where I would have parked would have meant I’d have to walk away from the car with no obvious destination in sight.  That was too much for me so I back-tracked to the fishing pier and started shooting, I had already lost too much of the sunrise build up.  I walked to the left to try for a better shot, and when I decided to head back to the car I saw the Sagamore bridge all lit up.  I’m glad I stopped for the photo even without a great composition because it faded too quickly for another shot.  I should probably check these places out in the daylight so I have a better idea of where I might like to go for the best pictures.  I thought the sunrise itself made up for my not-so-great vantage point though.  Couldn’t ask for more than that…01-23-19scusset101-23-19scusset201-23-19scusset301-23-19scusset4