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Flying lessons…

In the beginning there were Sandhill cranes nesting on a little island in the lake behind my house.  They were the first things I took photos of with my brand new DSLR that I had just treated myself to after telling myself that the iPhone camera was great and I didn’t need anything else.  But I was seeing pictures online, and I couldn’t resist the DSLR and it’s zoom, I needed the ability to zoom.  Then there was a photography class where I met some very nice people who are now a part of my daily life, at least online.  And the fateful class where we were taught “How to Start a Blog”.  I stumbled into the class with no intention of starting a blog, I just wanted to spend time with my new friends.  But by the time we left the room the framework was in place and all I had to do is write.  And I had a story to tell.  What I wanted to talk about was this Sandhill crane family that I had been (obsessively) following for a few weeks by then.  These pictures are some of the last pictures of them that I took.  Dad and son, yes an assumption on my part, but I had been anticipating flying lessons and that’s what I think this was.  Or what it appeared to be.  Junior seemed to be imitating Dad, and I think he became airborne for a second.  Weeks and weeks of concentrating on these birds made this a very exciting moment for me.  Everything about my life these days is a direct result of these birds who nested in my backyard through no effort on part.   I hadn’t seen it in quite that way before now.  What an amazing blessing this all turned out to be for me.  I will have to ponder this a while…04-06-20flyinglessonfeature204-06-20flyinglessonfeature304-06-20flyinglessonfeature404-06-20flyinglessonfeature5


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