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Suppose that you and a friend went to a photography class, and you were hungry afterward. So you went to Dunedin to eat swordfish and take pictures using some of what you learned that day. Like looking for lines, repeating shapes and patterns, color as shapes, sight lines, interactions between people. My head was spinning…

Did I say Dunedin? Or was it Dogedin?

What would have been great would have been if a dog stopped to look at the dog mural. You could take your time and choose a background and then just wait for people to walk by, but that would require more patience than we had, but we did get lucky a couple of times.

The fountain in the feature photo was something I had never noticed in all the times I’ve been to Dunedin before. I hadn’t ever noticed this monument to veterans from all of the 50 United States before either. Each state has a block made of native materials. How did I not see it before? Betty hadn’t noticed it either, and you might think she is inspecting it closely, but really she is taking pictures of the ants that were swarming in one grout joint.

Interactions and sight lines were on my mind for these.

Repeating patterns and shapes, and contrasting colors.

And this was the view from the outdoor deck where we had lunch. Another day of fun, while we recover from election craziness and prepare for a storm that is slowly but surely bearing down on us.

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